V-Tox 50g
$209 AUD


A unique botanical cream designed to relax the skin and de-stress the wrinkled areas. Neuropeptides, naturally derived from Algae, help and stop the skin conforming to frown lines when muscles contract. The result, a smoother younger looking appearance similar to botox, without the frozen look associated with botox injections. Plant extracts are used to soften the surface layers and additional active ingredients found in V-Tox help to stimulate the dermal matrix production; restoring the Elastin, Collagen and GAGS to youthful levels, resulting in firm, plump looking skin. 

When Botox arrived on the scene in the late 80’s for cosmetic use it was hailed as the wonder drug for anti-ageing. With research overtime it has been found that overuse may cause the adjacent muscles to wither, as they are not being used. This is why many woman look for alternatives such as V-Tox. 


For the perfect homecare treatment apply a fine layer over the entire face and neck. Use morning and night. 

For more mature skin, mix V-Tox with LM Serum and use over the entire face and neck as a night cream. 


Essential oils have always been known for their amazing healing properties, so by adding a few drops of LM Serum will increase the effectiveness of your preferred cream. LM Serum is a combination of five essential oils to give that extra boost all skins need.

Lavender: healing, balancing and soothing
Rosemary: aids skin regeneration
Geranium: anti-inflammatory
Cypress: Calming and soothing
Thyme: anti-inflammatory


This professional product can now be used as part of your home care regime. V-TOX is a natural alternative to botox. It works, not by freezing the muscles, but by relaxing the skin creating a more natural effect. The LM Oxygen Mask, contains hyaluronic acid and beta-glucan that visibly plump and firm the skin. Encapsulated vitamins for deeper absorption leave the skin looking radiant. Used in conjunction with V-TOX once a week, the skin will also be nourished with extra nutrients revealing a younger, healthier glow. Apply a fine layer of V-TOX over the entire face and then position the oxygen mask. Once the mask starts to dry out, remove and apply any oxygen serum remaining in the sachet to the face. Take care not apply V-TOX to the top lid or too close under the eye.