$160 AUD


This advanced wrinkle solution is a luxurious buttery cream that melts into your skin. It rejuvenates the natural moisturising system deep within the epidermis and helps to firm the surface layers. Contains Safflower Oil and Soyabean extract to replenish moisture levels deeper within the skin helping improve the appearance of stretch marks and scar tissue.

Q3 also stimulates cell communication, aiding age related skin damage, helping to rebuild the skins moisture content to correct levels, so that wrinkles appear to melt away.


After cleansing with Gel Cleanser apply Eye Gel, spray with Hydrating Mist and apply a fine layer of Collagen followed by Q3.

Leaves the skin feeling plump and moisturised with no surface residue.

Perfect under make-up for a matt finish.

Helps reduce any uneven skin tone or pigmentation.

Can be used as a mask in your home skin care routine.

Serum can be added as a booster if the skin feels tight or dry.

May be used in conjunction with Mask in your homecare regime.

An alternative in the morning would be LM2.


The LM concept of layering products was designed to give maximum results through a variation of nutrients. LM Collagen is an essential ingredient as it keeps the skin plump and firm. Our bodies’ production of collagen naturally slows down in our mid-twenties, so it is important top up the levels with the LM Collagen Gel. Before applying your preferred cream, apply a fine layer of LM Collagen Gel over the entire face, eyes and neck.