NET 45
NET 45 NET 45
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As we age the body’s responses slow down and our skin starts to show visible signs of damage, fine lines, wrinkles, dullness and loss of elasticity. Essential nutrients are vitally important to help restore that balance. From the same family as LM2, Net-45 was developed as a much richer luxurious version, which is more suitable for mature or very dry skin.

Beta Glucan, Vitamin A and B5 will nourish and feed the skin while it sleeps leaving the skin rejuvenated and rebalanced. Citrus oils such as Lime & Orange help brighten the skin and reduce the signs of age spots (pigmentation) so can also be applied on the chest and hands. Sweet Almond Oil, Avocado & Camellia Oil coupled with Chamomile & Geranium will nourish and repair the skin leaving it well moisturized.

Can be used as a mask once a week. Any skin problems including acne can show a topical, very dry surface, which can be treated with NET-45.


A luxurious nourishing cream for mature skin.

Can be used on younger skin if very dry.

Apply Collagen under Net-45 for an extra boost.

Recommended as the first cream for acne skin if the surface layer is very dry and needs softening before changing to Phyto 4 that will work under the surface to help break down excess sebum.

Apply a thick layer as an intensive nourishing mask once a week.

Can be used as part of your homecare regime with Enzyme Peel, Hydrating Gel and Mask (See information on Mask).

Helps with topical skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.


The LM concept of layering products was designed to give maximum results through a variation of nutrients. LM Collagen is an essential ingredient as it keeps the skin plump and firm. Our bodies’ production of collagen naturally slows down in our mid-twenties, so it is important top up the levels with the LM Collagen Gel. Before applying your preferred cream, apply a fine layer of LM Collagen Gel over the entire face, eyes and neck.