$80 AUD


The Linda Meredith Clay Mask works in a completely unique way when compared with traditional clay masks. Rather than extracting impurities, combining the clay with your preferred base cream accelerates the absorption process, forcing the product deeper into the dermal layers to increase the results delivered, this increased absorption is achieved by quickly drying and pushing the base product deeper into the epidermis. LM Clay Mask contains two types of clay and the key essential oils of the skincare range. Use once a week with your preferred base cream. For easy application, add a small amount of the base product you are using into the clay and spread generously over the entire face and neck. May be used close to the eye area.


Other Clay Masks are used to draw out impurities from the skin. The LM Mask works in reverse due to the high content of essential oils. Whatever product is applied first the mask will dry pushing the underlying product in deeper much replacing the hands of your therapist when she is massaging creams into your skin.

Can be used over any treatment cream such as Net-45 for anti-ageing or Phyto 4 to reduce redness, breakdown excess oil and firming loose saggy skin.

A useful tip for puffy eyes:

Apply the clay mask over the area and allow to dry.

Gently remove with warm water and apply Eye Gel followed by your preferred daily products.