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By collaborating with many of the leading research scientists and reviewing the latest skin research publications, Linda Meredith has formulated the ultimate anti-ageing product that will show results more than simply cosmetic after thirty days of use. The oil free, lightweight texture shows the treated skin to be thicker and more elastic, behaving like younger skin; it is less lined and wrinkled, feeling firmer and looking visibly brighter. Translucency is much increased and finally 'age spots' are much less obvious, ideal for daily use.

We hear lots of hype today about active ingredients, but those actives are only effective in high levels. LM1 has many active ingredients but more importantly they are at very high levels, making it the most effective product on the market today. LM1 is truly the flagship product in the Linda Meredith range and by testing the effectiveness of the product for yourself, we are confident that you will agree that the results speak for themselves. 


A new concentrated formula that is now recommended to use as a base before applying day and night moisturisers. Any products that contain a high percentage of active ingredients should always be applied first for best results.

Apply one or two pumps directly to the skin, light enough to use under the eye and any lined areas at the corners.

After cleansing apply Eye-Gel and LM1 before Hydrating Mist.

If combined with V-Tox apply to the lined areas first followed by LM1.

In the morning may be combined with Collagen, LM2 or Q3.

In the evening may be combined with Net-45 or Phyto 4. One or two drops of Serum may be added into the creams as a booster if required. 

LM1 30ML & Q3 50G

A luxurious buttery cream, that absorbs completely into the skin. Perfect for under make-up for those who prefer a more matt finish. Designed to rebuild the skins moisture levels plumping the skins surface cells. Contains bio-oil to even skin tone and Dermaxyl from the peptide family important for anti-ageing. Apply one of two pumps of LM1 followed by Q3 to boost moisture levels.

LM1 30ML & LM2 50ML

A fluid moisturiser, rich in nutrients and essential vitamins that leaves a dewy finish, when worn under make-up. Layering products is a new concept to give the skin the benefits of more essential nutrients. Apply one or two pumps of LM1 followed by LM2 to boost hydration levels.