Linda Meredith Net-45. This versatile cream can be used to address a wide range of skin needs, and is powerful and effective across all age groups. A dream cream! Ideal for those who like a rich cream with a cashmere finish for skin. "Nourishing sweet almond and avocado oil with brightening lime and orange oils make this a dream cream" - DAILY MAIL


Packed with vitamins Net-45 leaves the surface of skin soft and silky. The cashmere of moisturisers. Works for all ages and types. Great on Dry Skin.

How To Use

Apply both morning and night for incredible nourishment. An ideal product to use as a mask once a week, or whilst travelling if skin needs a boost.

Star Ingredients

Panthenol: Vitamin B5 tissue repair Beta Glucan: Stimulates the formation of collagen Vitamin A: Anti-ageing Sweet Almond Oil: Skin conditioner Avocado Oil: Packed with vitamin E for rejuvenation also a natural sun screen Squalene: Moisturiser obtained from plant oils Camelia Oil: Anti-septic Geranium Oil: Boosts circulation Lime and Orange Oil: Helps detoxify and clear the skin Also available in 50g