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Nature's most powerful healing element, Oxygen has been used on various skin conditions by the medical industry for many years.  Having been introduced to the beauty industry in the 1990s, Oxygen treatments were first offered in the UK by the Linda Meredith salon in Knightsbridge, London as part of our beauty regime.   With decades of experience providing Oxygen treatments, Linda Meredith has a unique point of difference by using medical grade Oxygen for improved efficacy, and the development of our exceptional serum.  The serum is a vitamin-enriched formula with high percentages of key ingredients such as beta glucan, and hyaluronic acid.  These ingredients visibly firm and plump the skin after just one treatment.  Exceptional results are realised with a course of six closely-timed treatments with the effects remaining over a period of months. The treatment can be continued at home, or when travelling, with the application of our retail Oxygen masks.


Duration: 35 minutes*



The Linda Meredith V-Tox Oxygen Therapy Facial is an alternative solution for clients wanting to see visibly firmer and plumped skin, without having to undergo invasive procedures, such as fillers. A safe and effective treatment for clients of any age, this alternative solution is free of parabens, and is vegan friendly.

Using powerful active ingredients, including algae derivatives and ginseng, the V-Tox Oxygen Therapy Facial commences with the Linda Meredith Oxygen Facial, V-Tox is then added to specific areas needing to be treated. A fine layer of V-Tox may also be applied generally over the entire face and neck. V-Tox is then infused into the skin by the steady flow of Oxygen. Six treatments, in close succession, are performed over a period of months to ensure exceptional results.


Duration: 45 minutes*



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* Treatment duration may vary according to individual spa protocols.  Please enquire with the spa when making a booking.


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