''One of London's Best Facials'' - GWYNETH PALTROW

Specifically designed for each client's individual requirements the Linda Meredith Haute Couture Facial is uniquely tailored for the best results. The journey to radiant skin begins with the cleansing of the skin's surface. A second deeper cleanse then prepares the skin for the next phase of skin renewal. Specific skin concerns are then addressed by the therapist during a thorough consultation. A personally-selected product is then chosen to plump the skin before five minutes of steam to open the pores. Where necessary, gentle extraction may be performed, followed by a natural micro-peel serum to remove dead skin cells, and to purify deep beneath the skin's surface. The anti-bacterial properties of the serum work to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and reduce breakouts. The multi-strength serums can be applied to different areas of the face where best suited to the client's skin. The Haute Couture Facial is finished with a relaxing massage, and mask using carefully curated products to achieve skin that appears illuminated from within.


Anti-Ageing, Deep-Cleansing, Firming, Nourishing, Hydrating, Re-Surfacing


Duration: 60 minutes*



In recognition of our client's preference for a combination of treatments we have developed the Linda Meredith Haute Couture 'Active' Facial.  During this facial our clients enjoy the benefits of a deep cleanse, gentle extraction, and re-surfacing, followed by an additional one or two treatments to achieve exceptional results in a short time frame.


Duration: 30 minutes*


Enhance with Collagen or Hyaluronic Masks >



 * Treatment duration may vary according to individual spa protocols.  Please enquire with the spa when making a booking. 


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