Debunking Myths: Why Algae Is the Secret to Great Skin

Algae, otherwise known as seaweed, have become increasingly used in recent months. Originally popularised in France, other countries soon picked up on this trend because these ingredients revitalise, tone, and moisturise the skin, giving a youthful, radiant glow!

Heliae Development, a company that uses algae to make jet fuel, announced that it would use its advanced algae harvesting technology to brand its own health and beauty products. Even former marketing execs from Elizabeth Arden, Estee Lauder, and Unilever are on board.

Now, before you say that seaweed is slimy and you don’t want to touch that… Hold up for a moment and read this blog. Perhaps after hearing its benefits, you’ll be convinced you’d want to slather some of this goodness onto your face.


Top Benefits of Algae

  1. Strong source of zinc and antioxidants to help strengthen your immunity and reduce the risk of illnesses and infections – also effectively treats skin irritations including acne and skin sores by helping cells regenerate
  2. Boosts energy levels with vitamin B and iron content
  3. Retains moisture by regulating the production of sebum
  4. Anti-ageing properties
  5. Anti-inflammatory, soothes inflamed, spot-prone skin
  6. Maintains healthy thyroid function with rich iodine content

One of the richest sources of vitamins and minerals is the sea. Seawater itself contains dozens of critical minerals that promote skin health. Marine plants therefore are pretty much one of the best things on earth when it comes to boosting your complexion.

Epidemiological and clinical studies have shown that the consumption of plant-derived foods and drinks reduce the risk of oxidative-damage-related diseases such as ageing and other lifestyle diseases. Several studies have provided insight into biological activities of marine algae in promoting skin, health, and beauty products.

Still not convinced? Here are some things you can use algae to specifically treat.


What Can Algae be Used for?

  1. Acne

Acne is caused by the release of sebum, or oils, which prevent the skin from dying. Pimples are inflammations of the skin pores, which trap the oil, resulting in cystic acne or pimples. Seaweed’s anti-inflammatory effects reduce the swelling of the explosion. It can also be used as a natural exfoliant to remove dead skin cells, which can block pores. This is also why algae extracts are in facial masks – because they can both treat and have exfoliating properties.

  1. Rosacea

Rosacea is a skin condition that basically causes the skin to appear red. Seaweed acts as a natural anti-inflammatory towards this, alleviating the redness of the skin. Topical lotions or creams with seaweed can nourish the skin and reduce this redness – a great win!

  1. Hair nourishment

Marine extracts help hair to rebuild itself and strengthens the condition of dry hair. The intake of seaweeds helps to promote scalp hydration, which leads to smoother, sleeker hair.

  1. Body indulgence

The Swedes have always practiced swimming in algae-infused water bodies because they believed in the benefits of algae for your skin – and health. You can even do algae baths at home, simply by adding four sheets of seaweed to your bathwater once every week. Here’s how:

  •    Pile about four large strips to the bottom of your bathtub and run your bath with water that is as hot as you can bear to lie in
  •    The seaweed will expand and turn the water a brown shade of murky, but soak in it – ideally up to 45 mins
  •    Add drops of lavender oil because seaweed could leave you smelling not as fresh!
  •    Best done before going to bed
  •    Sleep on a towel because you’d be pretty oily
  •    Wake up in the morning with a fresh kelpy glow
  •    Seaweed strips can be used up to twice!

You can order your seaweed strips from here.


Where can I get my hands on algae?

algae skin food

As an edible product, you can get seaweed in your Japanese sushi as nori. You can also get seaweed from any Asian grocery store. It can usually be found in the snacks aisle.

To apply onto skin, you can find Algae extract in high quality Skincare products. Our flagship cream V-Tox contains neuropeptides – naturally derived from Algae, to help soothe out fine lines. Plant extracts are used in combination to soften the surface layers. Altogether, this cream works towards restoring youthful, firm skin – you’ll have to try it to believe it.

What's next?

algae in the sea


Now that we’ve rounded up the benefits of algae and ways in which you can use it in your skincare routines, we’d love to hear from you about your favourite uses. Is it in an algae bath, or as part of a product – which is your favourite? Drop us a message here to say hello and let us know where your skin concerns lie!