4 spring style ideas from London Fashion Week that are actually very wearable

Let’s be honest: London Fashion Week isn’t traditionally known for producing a lot of wearable wardrobe options. After all, this was the birthplace of punks (plastic trousers and safety-pinned T-shirts), mods (scandalously short mini dresses) and, er, the Spice Girls (knee socks and platform sneakers). Attention-grabbing, yes; wearable, no.

And the recent London Fashion Week spring 2017 was no exception, with shorts over trousers and bejewelled Crocs (yes, the shoes) just some of the designer suggestions for the warmer months. Look beyond this, however, and there were some seriously wearable options that translate into appealing office outfit ideas. You might even have some of them in your wardrobe already.

Get inspired, put your own stamp on the ideas, and instantly refresh your spring office style.

White Shirts

Victoria by Victoria Beckham

This timeless classic has been refreshed and now comes in a multitude of options. For her line Victoria, Victoria Beckham, the former Posh Spice and client of Linda Meredith offered shirts that were crisp and collarless. Alternatively, look for soft, feminine details for a shirt that easily transitions from day to night - Burberry suggested floppy bows tied at the neck, while sleeves billowed poetically at Antonio Berardi. And if you really want to turn heads after dark, try layering a prim white button-down under a waist-defining corset - this growing trend will soon be everywhere for those who dare!


 Printed Dresses

White Printed Dress

A great printed dress (or seven) is essential to many women’s wardrobes, striking the right balance between personality and polish. Hemlines are often shorter on the runways but in real life, there will be plenty of options that hit just above the knee, and with elegant, bracelet-length sleeves. Floral prints will always be a mainstay, but this spring, it’s also about updated geometric styles, including feathery paisleys, polkadots and abstract shapes. Whichever way you wear it, there’s a dress for you.


Electric blue

Blue Roksanda dress

Maybe it had something to do with the mood post-Brexit, but London was definitely feeling the blues. Wearing a maxi dress in vibrant ultramarine is a surefire way to make a statement on the weekend or even as a modern evening look. For the office, however, you could try it in a simple T-shirt or knit under a jacket or layered beneath a dress. Or use just a splash of blue to brighten up camel, grey or black.

 Flat shoes

Flat Shoes London Fashion Week 2016

If you’ve ever hobbled between meetings or made the last-minute dash for a waiting plane (inevitably at the furthest terminal!), you’ve probably already rejoiced in the trend for flat shoes. The good news is that this shows no sign of abating for spring. The aforementioned Crocs might be a no-go, but strappy ballet slippers, pointed slip-ons, and two-tone brogues are all worth considering. If you dare, swap out the usual skyscraper stilettos for a pair of bejewelled sandals at your next cocktail party.   

All the better to get you there faster.


All images: Vogue