V-Tox Information Guide

V-TOX is a natural botanical alternative to BOTOX. It is an elegant, anti-ageing treatment cream that diminishes fine lines and wrinkles without the associated frozen look. V-TOX is very effective on fine lines and wrinkles when used correctly, so the following guide will help guide you in usage and application. 

As a first rule, the skin must be free of any products that will prevent the product from penetrating and working to its maximum potential, therefore cleansing the skin correctly is vitally important. Some cleansers have a wax or mineral oil base that may leave residue preventing the absorption of V-TOX. Other cleansers ( wipes ) may not thoroughly remove make-up, SPF or other topical products again preventing the absorption.

The Linda Meredith Gel Cleanser is a water based product, so the excess is completely removed with water but in addition includes BHA, an ingredient which also cleans beneath the surface, breaking down any excess sebum which can prevent the product from absorbing to the deeper levels of the skin where it needs to be to work effectively. If the LM cleanser is not available, a thorough water based cleanse is essential.

Contrary to thought, with V-Tox, less is better, it is very easy to think if you apply more it will work even better but with active ingredients, an overload is not good. Apply a tiny amount to the areas of concern and massage in ( please follow step 1). Some clients may experience a pleasant tingling sensation. Typically, results will be seen within 4 to 6 weeks of constant use morning and evening; some clients have noticed results in as little as 3 weeks.

After using V-TOX for one week, the skin will have adapted to the active ingredients and a fine layer may then be applied to the entire face and neck under your LM moisturiser.

Where V-Tox has been designed specifically for Anti-Ageing, using the product in conjunction with a suitable Linda Meredith moisturiser, can address many other skin issues. For Example, Net-45 is ideally suited to dry, flaky & mature skin; Phyto 4+ reduces redness from broken capillaries and is for oily or acne prone skin and Serum will infuse a completely natural assortment of essential oils to repair the skin and so on.

The LM products are like food for the skin. Our bodies need a variation of nutrients to keep it healthy, which is why our creams contain a different combination of essential nutrients and active ingredients. Using the same cream every day is like eating the same food every day. For skin to remain healthy, glowing and youthful, it needs different ingredients. 



It is important to note, when first applying V-Tox to the face to concentrate on small areas first. Take the size of a small coins worth of product and begin to apply to any lines on the forehead, any lines between the eyebrows, finally the corners of the eyes and around the mouth, this initial amount of product should be ample. Please be careful not to apply across the top of the eye-lid, tightly under the eyes or too close to the corners.




When the product has been applied, use the tip of your middle finger to gently massage it into the skin. Once the skin is accustomed to the regular use of V-Tox, a fine layer may be applied over the entire face and neck, whilst still avoiding application too close to the eyes. During the early stages of application, some clients may feel a slight tingling sensation on the surface of the skin. This is a normal reaction to V-Tox and will eventually disappear as the skin gets used to the product. For best results use both morning and night for at least 3 to 4 weeks.




An At Home Facial

The ‘V-Tox Oxygen’ is a famed treatment first introduced in our Knightsbridge salon to cater for the needs of modern lifestyles and has since become an absolute client favourite. V-TOX Oxygen can now be carried out at home thanks to the introduction of the Linda Meredith Oxygen Masks.

By applying a fine layer of V-TOX over the entire face and neck and re-applying over any areas of concern, an Oxygen Mask can then follow over the top delivering a similar finish and result of the famed Knightsbridge treatment.