Linda Meredith Serum is designed to repair, soothe, and heal any damage to the skin's tissue and surface layers, including scarring, breakouts and other irritations, without leaving any residue on the surface of the skin. Serum is an essential part of the Linda Meredith range as it can be combined with almost any other product. "As featured in Vogue Magazine" - CONFIDENTIAL BEAUTY SECRETS


Repair, soothe and heal any damage to the skin tissue and surface layers.

How To Use

Add one or two drops to moisturiser day or night.

Star Ingredients

Vitamin E: Anti-oxidant with moisturising properties. Protection against free radicals. Soyabean Oil: Contains vitamin A, E and K anti-oxidant Sunflower Seed Oil: High in vitamin F smoothing and repairing. Lavender: An all purpose oil whose properties alter when combined with other ingredients. Rosemary: Aids skin regeneration Thyme: Anti-bacterial and anti-septic Geranium: Anti-inflammatory Cypress: Healing soothing